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 First of all I want to say "HAPPY MOTHERS DAY" to all the moms out there and a special thank you to the mothers of all our veterans!!

 I'm very proud to announce that I have been elected to the commanders position again for the 2016-2017 session.  I'm very honored to hold this position again.  Most all our officers stayed the same with the exception of our chaplain and a trustee, they just switched places.

I feel that I accomplished most all the plans that were made for 2015-2016, with the exception of raising membership.  This area takes constant work so its a task that is never completed.  Membership is the key to keeping our post open, we must do whatever we can to recruit new members.  Remember every veteran is a potential member.  Pass on your pride, it just might be contagious!!!

Memorial Day is the only day each year set aside to honor our fallen comrades.  Without their sacrifice, we would not be able to enjoy our lives and our freedoms.  This is what they fought and died for.  So I ask you to make every day Memorial Day in your hearts.  Be thankful for those who died and those who have, and still serve this great nation of ours.

 May is a busy month, there is mothers day, we have cemetery flags to be put out, we have our "poppy day" may 21st, our meeting on the 25th, our Memorial day ceremony May 30 at the cemetery south of Culver, followed by going to Monterey to join up with the Legion to do their ceremony.  We need all the help we can get with all the activities this month.

 Make sure you stop by the post and say "Hi" to Nancy our new night bartender.

 Proud to be a veteran,

Thank you for your service

 Frank T. Setola

Post Commander

As you know April is officer nominations month.  We need to have as many members as possible to attend our 1st meeting of the month on April 13th at 1915 hours.  We really need to try to fill all our officer positions.  Your attendance could make the difference. 
As the weather turns warmer we receive a lot of flyers and invitations to functions held at other posts, watch our bulletin board for these events to see if there is any way we can help support other posts in our district. I would like to thank comrade Kyle Brock for all his time and efforts he has put in post, helping to clean and organize the attic and gamming closet.  It was greatly needed and appreciated.
Membership is still a priority.  We are still the lowest percentage in the 3rd district.  We have to try to bring our numbers up. Remember we are veterans and we enjoy our post, so why not get others to come and enjoy it as well.  Times are changing and new faces means new ideas.  There are young men and women veterans out there who could bring new life and meaning to our post.  We need new faces to fill empty spaces.  Remember anyone we meet could be a veteran and a potential member.Also we have 5th Friday ""Ribeye steak night" this month, any help is appreciated. 

Proud to be a veteran,
Thank you for your service

Commander,  Frank T. Setola 

As veterans we are entitled to discounts offered by many of our local merchants. 
But if you are like me, you don't carry around your DD214.  So I went to the BMV and showed them my DD214, and as long as you have a valid drivers license they will issue you a new license with a V on the back and 2 gold stars on the front, one in each top corner. This is now a state issued veterans picture ID that should be accepted by all merchants.  Just make sure you have your DD214, drivers license, social security card, and 2 forms of proof of address, electric bill, cable bill, Dr. bill etc..  The cost was $10.50 not a bad price to pay for 4 years of discounts.  Hope you all take advantage of this as I know we can all stand to save money wherever we can.  Remember to always ask merchants if they have veterans discounts.

This month the Women's Aux. will be doing the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Friday dinners, so watch the sign for the specials!!

Just a early reminder that in April we will be nominating officers for the upcoming year, we need everyone to attend the April meetings as well as every month.

Membership is still low, we need to try to talk to as many veterans as we can. We need to try and increase our numbers so that we have more people involved with the post and the community. 
Proud to be a veteran;

Thank you for your service    
Hello!  And let me welcome you back to our web page. First let me introduce myself, my name is Frank Setola, post commander here in Culver.  I have 4 years in the Army, 6 years in the Reserves, 2 years in the National Guard.  I am married and both live and work here in Culver. The VFW plays an important role in the community, helping veterans, supporting our schools and other organizations, through donations and volunteering our time and manpower.  Which leads me into this months topic; MEMBERSHIP!!!!!  It is sad to say but our membership numbers are dropping.  Our post has the lowest % in the 3rd District.  We control the destiny of our post.  It is our responsibility to ensure the longevity of our post.  This can only happen through bringing our number up with new members.  Members are needed to support VFW functions as well as serving the community.  My point being you as a member need to promote the VFW amongst co-workers and at functions outside the post and your home, you never know who you might meet! If you are reading this and you are not a member, but you are a veteran, please consider stopping by our post anytime or you can call for information at (574)842-3886, or me personally at (269)816-3857.  Let us welcome you and see if we can somehow bring you into our family.
Thank you for your service

Post Commander;
Frank T. Setola